Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ian James Stewart: Junk DNA (2013)

I missed this one last autumn! OK, I was hospitalized most of the time, but we are talking about a great track with Robert Wyatt singing and playing his horn here!
Listen to "When u love Somebody" on Ian James Stewart´s album "Junk DNA"! Wyatt is also doing backing vocals on the track "No water".

Taken from the product description on
"Living in Louth Lincolnshire since 1987, i was amazed to find Robert Wyatt living here too, a few years ago he came to a solo gig I was doing and after, we got talking and have been friends ever since, When it came to starting recording "Junk DNA" I asked Robert if he would be interested in doing something on the album, I gave him a cd with some of the demo songs I'd written to have a listen to, he came round to the house a few days later and said "i don't want to colonise your music but I'd really like to sing "When U Love Somebody", so next thing we're recording his vocals and horn on that song and then some background vocals on another track "No Water", it was a real honour and I love what he brought to the songs."

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