Thursday, November 6, 2014

Josephine Foster & Victor Herrero - Blue Roses

I watched this video of Josephine Foster & Victor Herrero doing "Blue Roses" last week, and was deeply fascinated by Foster´s voice and singing.

I downloaded her "Little Life" from 2001 immediatly, a nice one too, but with straighter folky songs. Must check more of her records!

Recommendations anyone?


gidouille said...

You have a wonderful blog. I often share links you've posted in a music group on facebook. There are almost never any comments, and I think that has made me hesitant to post my own, but as you asked. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is where I'd start with Foster. It's indie folk versions of German lieder, with pieces by Schubert, Schumann, etc. Graphic as a Star consists of brief, spare settings of Emily Dickinson poems. On Anda Jaleo she revisits songs from Lorca's 1930's flamenco recordings, Las Canciones Populares. Her most recent recordings Blood Rushing and I'm a Dreamer feature her and her husband, Victor Herrera's songwriting and have a bit more of an ensemble feel about them. Happy exploring.

gidouille said...

I neglected to mention that Blue Roses comes from I'm a Dreamer.

Svenn said...

Thanks a lot gidouille!