Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Street Art Bergen

You may already have noticed that I´m interested in street art, and have tried to document what´s happening in Bergen since around 2007, uploading all of it on Flickr.

Now you may try to get hold of the new book "Street Art Bergen" (Kontur 2014), edited by street artists Argus and John_XC and street art blogger Walter Wehus (his Mot Veggen blog).

What makes this book different from most street art books, is that the editors have managed to contact several of Bergen´s artists, and they write about their thoughts on street art themselves.
Please note: Only in Norwegian!

(My own pictures on Flickr are not very well organized unfortunately, and the keywords won´t make me librarian of the year, but please dive into my albums if you want to!)

I went to the book release party last week, and it was great to see the works made by Argus and John_XC for the happening, exhibited on walls and in windows.
You may call street artists vandals, but lots of them have big hearts. These exhibited works are to be auctioned, together with works by lots of international artists, in Bergen in the beginning of December. This being the third auction in a very short period donating money for good causes.

All money from the December auction is going to "Aesthetic Prosthetic", a Project aiming to raise money for the only prosthetic workshop in Gaza.

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