Friday, November 7, 2014

UNCUT (Dec. 2014)

You have probably read this already, but anyway look up The December issue (no 211) of Uncut (I never quite understand why the December issues of magazines are released in November, but me and logic, I know!).

On page 8: "End of an ear. Robert Wyatt calls a halt to his musical career." He has not retired, it´s more like he has stopped making music.

On pages 60 to 63: Wyatt talks about his back catalogue: "The Soft Machine" (1968), Soft Machine "3" (1970), "Matching Mole" (1972), "Rock Bottom" (1974), "Ruth is stranger than Richard" (1975), "Nothing can stop us" (1982), "Shleep" (1997), "Cuckooland" (2003) and "Comicopera" (2007).

RW about "Ruth is stranger than Richard": "On "Team Spirit", George Khan, a wonderful tenor player, does the solo, and I got Brian Eno in, who hates jazz, to try and fuck it up as it went on...".

On page 97: The Domino sampler "Different Every Time" gets a 9/10 score!

As if this wasn´t enough, there is also a (very short, but still!) "How to buy Ivor Cutler" and a review (9/10 again!) of a reissue of the 1978 album "Life in a Scotch Sitting-Room Vol 2".

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