Friday, June 20, 2008

Alive in Paris 1970

Earlier this year Voiceprint issued a Soft Machine DVD ("Alive in Paris 1970"), directed by Claude Ventura. This is the short lived quintet with Robert Wyatt (dr), Hugh Hopper (b), Mike Ratledge (keyb), Elton Dean (sax, saxello) and Lyn Dobson (sax, fl, voc). Some of this (all of it?) is on YouTube (of course), but get the the DVD, it is nice! The sound is good and the filming is excellent. There is only one drawback, the fake audience noise! It does not fit in at all!
Soft Machine play "Facelift", "Eamon Andrews", "Backwards/Moustrap Reprise", "Out-Bloody Rageous", "Esther's Nosejob" and Robert Wyatt is improvising a piece on vocals.

The same quintet, with Lyn Dobsen, is documented on the albums "Noisette" (Cuneiform, 2000) and "Breda Reactor" (Voiceprint, 2005).

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