Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bertrand Burgalat (and Wyatt video)

I finally got Bertrand Burgalat's CD "Chéri B.B." (Tricatel 2007). This one got "This Summer Night", with Robert Wyatt singing, and a lot of other good stuff too. Listen to some at MySpace. "This Summer Night" is written by Burgalat, Wyatt and Alfreda Benge. I've been looking for a video on YouTube since I bought the I-Tunes file (and got the 7"), but what happens if you do a simple Google search? Well, you get a link (from Pitchfork) to this beautiful video with Robert Wyatt! Here you may watch the video, and here is the reason I just knew there was a video somewhere.
Tricatel delivered the goods in no time, and with no problems, and they seeem to have the 7" (500 copies made!) in store too, if some of you are interested.

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