Thursday, June 5, 2008

Safe As Milk 2008

The programme for the 10th Safe As Milk festival in Haugesund, is finally out. I don't think I will be able to make it this year, but look here all you foreigners: "If you travel from another country to our festival you will actually get a free festival ticket! Also, we'll be glad to help you out with finding the best way of travelling and of course a suitable accomodation. Just ask us! Important: Your free tickets have to be preordered by email:! If you live in Norway you can buy Festival ticket from Billettservice or Platebutikken Tiger on web or at the Post office."

Friday 25 July:
Ergo (N)
Pamela Kurstin (USA)
Årabrot + [Concept Virus] (N)
Rumble in Rhodos (N)

Saturday 26 July
Han Bennink (NL)
Sidsel Endresen (N)
Lee Ronaldo (USA og Sonic Youth!)
Nisenenmondai (JP)
Skatebård (N)

Sunday 27. July
James Blackshaw (UK)
Nils Henrik Asheim/Lasse Marhaug (N)

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