Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bergen 7 June

I will not say I'm sorry to you Wyatt and Canterbury fans, who feel i tend to get carried away, and pretty far off the track, sometimes. Let's just blame the sunshine today.
This is Bergen, Norway, Saturday 7 June:
- Steamboats in the harbour (this one is 100 years old).
- Terje Isungset giving a beautiful concert for children (and some old ones too), playing with sticks and stones as usual, and involving the children. Dancer Therese Skauge performed a magic dance to Isungset's recorded Ice Music (check out his recordings).
- Family Reggae Disco ("More Family! More Reggae! More Love!!") was arranged at USF Verftet. White wine and beer, and some great reggae in the background! Hard to believe you are in Bergen. The DJ even played my favorite reggae artist: Gregory Isaacs .
- Dan Levenson shows an installation with paintings called "Little Switzerland", in the exhibition room at USF Verftet (until 29 June).

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