Saturday, June 28, 2008


I know you have been waiting for this blogpost on moustaches, so here it is. The reason I finally started on this subject, was a comment in my Norwegian blog, to a post on Norwegian guitarplayer Jon Larsen and the music of Frank Zappa. See the post in this blog, and check out Zappa fan and proud moustache grower Calvin here (he has interviewed Jimmy Carl Black).
The poster for Gillette must be from the 40s or 50s I guess, but it was given to me by a shop keeper, while I was working as helping hand on a brewery car in 1974. The message is something likethis (sorry, it sounds a bit more boring than the original): "She is looking at you! Are your looks to your advantage?"
It's hard to beat Frank Zappa when it comes to moustaches, but we let Nick Cave be the moustache man of the day, with "Dig Lazarus Dig!!". Cave knows how to grow facial hair, but his moustache can't hide his bad lip-sync here?

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