Monday, June 23, 2008

Influenced by Robert Wyatt?

Some newspaper reading this afternoon, resulted in two artists I had to check out, because the papers claimed Robert Wyatt might have been a source of inspiration.
Swedish "Svenska Dagbladet" (20 June, paper version) say Lord Skywave makes pop inspired by Debussy, D'Angelo and Robert Wyatt! Lord Skywave is Simon William Lord, and you may listen to some tunes at Myspace. I'm not sure I can smell any Wyatt here, but it may still be very good of course. Here is his record.
Le Matin (21 June) say Patrick Watson (and the band with his name?) is influenced by Robert Wyatt, Pink Floyd and Jeff Buckley. While changing buses today (damned summer schedules) I managed to borrow Patrick Watson's CD "Close to Paradise" from our fantastic music library. I never heard about this band before, but this sounds like a very good record (warning: listened only once). You might hear Jeff Buckley in there and maybe (and just maybe!) Robert Wyatt, but just as much Anthony from Anthony and the Johnsons. Great stuff!

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