Sunday, July 4, 2010

Forever Young

BBC 4 just showed the documentary "Forever Young", about rock growing up and growing old. Howard Male in "The Arts Desk" does not seem to satisfied in his review, but mentions Robert Wyatt´s appearance like this:

".... it was only Robert Wyatt who said anything of real emotional resonance. He spoke with feeling of the two very different versions of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”. The first, recorded in her twenties, brims over with wide-eyed innocence and hippy optimism, despite the song’s melancholy bent. Whereas the second, recorded in her mid-fifties, is weighed down with a lifetime’s worth of experience and pensive, ominous orchestration. It was as if, as Wyatt put it, she finally understood the song she’d written all those decades ago."

"Forever Young" may still be watched here for some days, but only if you live in UK I guess (at least not in my area)?

I add the following, after seeing a piece in The Independent:
"The dignity side of things was mostly left to Rick Wakeman – who pointed out that stars of his vintage were, these days, familiar with the sight of three generations of the same family enjoying "legacy" rock shows together – and Robert Wyatt, who touchingly confessed: "I had to live this long to get every third or fourth song on every third or fourth record I made spot-on." Conclusion? What age shall not wither, it can – as Wyatt's eclectic and entirely age-appropriate oeuvre demonstrates – invest with infinite variety".

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