Monday, July 5, 2010


Espen Sommer Eide´s (aka "Phonophani"), new album "Kreken" is out on Rune Grammofon. This is some kind of strange and beautiful, organic sounding electronica, with a taste of Norwegian folk. It´s not easy to tell what Sommer Eide is playing, but check out a couple of videos (here (solo) and here (with Sigbjørn Apeland)), and get an idea of what he may do.
On this album we also find Jenny Hval (Rockettothesky) (voc), Davidd Grubbs (g), Haco (voc), Agnethe Christensen (voc) and Sigbjør Apeland (harmonium).
The local Bergen newspaper "Bergens Tidende" rolled the dice, and gave "Kreken" 6 points. We don´t roll dices here in Wyatt and Stuff, but if we did, I think this music at least would deserve a dice falling from the table and get lost under the sofa.
If you are as lucky as me, you just might get hold of the limited editon (250 copies) album, with an extra 10" vinyl with two exclusive tracks ("Kreken II" og "Mendel II").

The best Phonophani album so far (in my humble opinion only), but please check out the previous ones too:
"Genetic Engineering" (Rune Grammofon 2001) (Rama vocal on one track).
"Oak or rock" (Rune Grammofon 2004) (Maja Ratkje vocal on one track).
"Phonophani" (Rune Grammofon 2006, originally on Biophon 1998).

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