Friday, July 23, 2010


Moldejazz was hit by Puma last night!
Oh they started off quiet in the dark, turned a bit spooky and BANG! they pour out everything they got, and boy did they rock!

The guilty ones were Øystein Moen (synthesizers and electronics), Stian Westerhus (guitar and electronics) and Gard Nilssen (drums).
Unfortunately I did not read Stian Westerhus' Twitter messages before I went for the show, and missed his recommendation to wear sun glasses!
Puma got themselves strobe lights, and I felt snow blinded this morning too.
But OK, I admit it was stylish, and sometimes made me think of horror movies. Westerhus on the floor with his pedals and electronics, as Moen and Nilsen are ready to use their torture instruments, when Westerhus says go. You just know it! The music is indeed quiet for a short while, the lights are scary and here they go again, pushing you into the back of your chairs.

Puma is a fantastic band, if you can take some noise and he future may be bright for the band, but remember to wear shades.

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