Friday, July 16, 2010

Arve Henriksen on two albums

It might turn out to be expensive, but I hope you follow some of my recommendations, and (oops) here are two more albums you should get!

Dreams of Tall Buildings released "Drowning the Heart Sounds" (MuseuM 2010) a couple of months ago (I must have seen at least four different release dates). Darren Joyce and Justin Wiggan laid down a sound carpet for Arve Henriksen to weave another layer on, with his well known trumpet and trumpet song sounds. You get two tracks, "Rope parts I,II & III" og "Drowning the heart sounds". You won´t get disappointed even if it´s an Arve Henriksen record you really want. One of the best albums of the year, so far!

We have mentioned Toshimaru Nakamura, and his "no-input mixing board", in a post about "Koboku Senjû". On "Egrets" (released on David Sylvian´s company Samadhisound) we are offered minimalistic and beautiful electronica (it´s pretty impossible to describe, OK?). Arve Henriksen is adding trumpet and breathing sounds, more than the usual trumpet playing. If this sound boring, it´s just my fault, it´s a fascinating soundscape, and we even get some acoustic guitar by Teuzi Akiyama (also in Koboku Senjû).

If the music on the first album is the sound of the heart, the second one may be the sound of breathing, and if want an Arve Henriksen album more than anything else, get "Drowning the Heart Sounds" first.

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