Saturday, August 21, 2010

All Ears Bleed

John Hegre and Jean-Philippe Gross call themselves Blackpackers on "All Ears Bleed" (Ritte Ritte Ross 2010). Just turn this one up, and your ears will bleed for a good half hour, to the noise recorded at the All Ears festival in Oslo (17th January 2009).
The day after the concert I wrote this (short even for this blog!): "John Hegre/Jean-Philippe Gross (Noise a la Hendrix and Who. Wheeee!)". I must have been pretty high (not on drugs, mind you) after the festival, because at least I can´t find much resemblance to The Who here now. But I promise you, this is tough enough, with Hegre on guitar and Gross on electronic stuff and microphones.

I´ve listened to this album a couple of times now, on close to full volume, and I can hear storms and quiet moments before storms in there and sirens and war scenes, and after a while it is almost like I start hallucinating and hear voices. I think I hear a woman say "What on earth is this? Can you please turn down the volume?" Spooky!

Cover design: Lasse Marhaug.

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