Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I´m sorry (NOT!) if this blog costs you a lot of money, but here is another jazz album you just have to get: Angles " Epileptical West/Live In Coimbra" (Clean Feed, 2010). Angles is Johan Berthling (b), Kjell Nordeson (d), Magnus Broo (t), Martin Küchen (ts), Mats Äleklint (tb) and Mattias Ståhl (vib). This is recorded in front of an enthusiastic audience in Coimbra (Portugal) during the 2009 Jazz ao Centro festival.
The music is composed by Martin Küchen, it swings, it is hymn like, they freak out like a free jazz brass band, and they even add some world music (or afrobeat as some reviewers say). This is just so good, and the live feeling is great!
Angles´previous album was "Every Woman Is A Tree" (Clean Feed, 2008), and I just have to get that one too I guess?

In fact I heard parts of their Nattjazz concert in Bergen (2008), but I can´t remember that it was this great! It might have been the sleepy Bergen audience´s fault?

Since I shopped music files at eMusic, I don´t have the cover text I hear is good, and I just have to guess that the cover designer is Travassos, who (l have been told) design lots of Clean Feed releases.

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