Monday, February 1, 2010

The Godforgottens

In January I suggested that you should try to get Sten Sandell Trio´s great "Face of Tokyo". I don´t regret that, but what happens when they invite trumpet player Magnus Broo, and Sandell finds a Hammond B-3 organ in the studio? The result might be even better, and they call themselves The Godforgottens. "Never Forgotten, Always Remembered" was released on Clean Feed in 2009. I call it jazz, but may be completely wrong. It doesn´t matter anyway, as long as the music is as exciting as this, and it´s made by Magnus Broo (tp), Sten Sandell (p, org), Johan Berthling (b) and Paal Nilssen-Love (dr).
2009 was quite an average year for Paal Nilssen-Love I guess, participating on 15 albums.
(And who made the dramatic cover? Anyone with a CD version out there, might be kind enough to comment?).


Unknown said...

the info in the CD case only says

design by Travassos

Svenn said...

Thanks. This is the one!

Anonymous said...

Travassos is the Portuguese designer responsible for all of Clean Feed's latest covers. All quite good