Friday, February 5, 2010


Dagmar Krause, Richard Sinclair, Gilad Atzmon, Annie Whitehead, Michel Delville, Alex Maguire, John Edwards, Chris Cutler og Cristiano Calcagnile all participate in "Comicoperando. A Tribute to the Music of Robert Wyatt". It all happens 1 March in Modena (Italy).
Thanks a lot to Aad.

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Tom Cora said...

Yesterday, I have been in Modena and was happy to see Dagmar Krause live. It was like Henry Cow goes Robert Wyatt.

I didn't love the singing of Annie Whitehead- I only wanted to hear Dagmar's voice.

Richard sang only one good song: O Caroline- with the other songs he had trouble with his voice.

Gilad Atzmon is a very great sax player like John Coltrane- perfect! John Edwards is an amazing double-bass player who played a crazy solo-intro for the song "Little Red Riding Hood Hits the Road", which was my fovorite song last evening.

Great Show!