Saturday, February 13, 2010

Supersilent live in Bergen

Friday evening I went to see Supersilent at the Bergen Jazzforum. I was a bit surprised (but happy for the band) when I had to que up among lots of people. After a while I realized I had to leave, because they were all waiting to get in to see the Norwegian rock band Dum Dum Boys, so I had to go looking for the hidden entrance to Supersilent.
Supersilent is now Ståle Storløkken (keyboards), Helge Sten (guitar, electronics) and Arve Henriksen (trumpet, drums, song). I would not mind if Arve Henriksen played more trumpet and less drums, but the concert was fantastic. The band fed us some quiet music focusing on Henriksen, some ambient soundscapes and some electric storms, making a fine mix of it all.
The place was far from packed (the band might have scared some people off with their hammond album), but people looked quite happy, and didn´t mind only a deep bow as an extra, after 90 minutes of music. Enough is enough, even from a cool trio like Supersilent.

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