Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Songs

In Bergen we have been covered in snow and ice for two months now, and still I will recommend music played on ice. Terje Isungset´s sixth ice album "Winter Songs" was released in January, and this is not cold music at all! All instruments are made from ice, and these musicians participate: Terje Isungset, Nils Økland (fiddle), Sissel Walstad (harp), Espen Jørgensen (guitar), Lena Nymark(vocal) and the boy choir St. Hallvardguttene. The music was recorded at the Geilo Ice Festival in 2009, and on a glacier in Val Senales in Italy, 3.000 meters above sea level. A fantastic idea turned into fantastic music.
I bought my album from eMusic, and had to steal the info from Terje Isungset´s blog.

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