Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Triffids

We might get a The Triffids revival this spring, when Domino will release the box "Come Ride With Me ... Wide Open Road – The Best Of The Triffids" on april 5th. Domino claim the box will hold approximately (!) 8 CDs, and will span the bands whole career. A celebration is planned in London on April 9th.
These good Australians made lots of good music, and I´m glad I was able to see them perform live in Bergen early in their career.

Check out this band, if you don´t know them already. You´ll find melancholic pop music on the studio albums: "Treeless Plain" (1983), "Born Sandy Devotional" (1986), "In The Pines" (1986), "Calenture" (1987) and "The Black Swan" (1989).

The band is of course named after John Wyndham´s book "The day of the triffids" from 1951, a book turned into a movie too (more than once).

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