Friday, February 26, 2010

Roxy Music Remixes (Blue)

Lindstrøm & Prince Thomas remix "Avalon" on the EP "Roxy Music Remixes (Blue)" (Virgin 2010).
The other tracks are "While my heart is still beating" (Abakus ), "To Turn You On" (Disco Pusher) and "Always Unknowing" (Cinnamon Chasers).
Lindstrøm & Prince Thomas are the ones who mix themselves farthest away from the original version, lowering the nostalgia factor for the old ones like me (not a bad thing I guess).
This seems to be number four in a series of Roxy remix records , and if you want to know more, visit Roxyrama.
All original songs remixed here are on Spotify, if you for one reason or the other do not know the originals. I bought the remixes on iTunes.

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