Saturday, February 20, 2010

Making it short

Here is a list of albums I listen to (and enjoy) these days:
- McPhee, Brötzmann, Kessler, Zerang: "The Damage is done" (Not Two 2009). Joe McPhee (sax, tp), Peter Brötzmann (sax), Ken Kessler (b) and Michael Zerang (dr). Here you even get a death cycle with "With Charon", "On the Acheron" and "Into the Hades". Energetic, but with quiet moments.
- Dave Rempis and Frank Rosaly: "Cyrillic" (482 Music 2010). Hot sax-drum-duo, with the new Scorch Trio drummer Frank Rosaly.
- Satoko Fuji Ma-Do: "Desert ship" (Not Two 2010). Satoko Fujii (p), Natsuki Tamura (tp), Norikatsu Koreyasu (b) and Akira Horikoshi (dr). Cling to the desert ship, this is not a smooth journey all the way.
- Mural: "Nectars of emergency" (Sofa 2010). Jim Denley (as, fl), Kim Myhr (g) and Ingar Zach (perc). Minimalism, and more sounds than melodies.

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