Sunday, February 28, 2010

Comicoperando program

The Robert Wyatt tribute "Comicoprando" is happening in Modena (Italiy) 1st March. I steal the program from Hibou, Anemone & Bear:

Pataphysical Introduction (arr. Alex Maguire), September The Ninth (arr. Annie Whitehead), Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road (arr. Cristiano Calcagnile), Unmasked (arr. Michel Delville), Gloria Gloom (arr. Cristiano Calcagnile), Alifib (arr. Annie Whitehead), Just as You Are (arr. Gilad Atzmon), Sea Song (arr. Annie Whitehead), Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road (arr. Annie Whitehead), Calyx (arr. Phil Miller), Fol de Rol (arr. Richard Sinclair), Memories (arr. Michel Delville), Alien (arr. Annie Whitehead), God Song (arr. Phil Miller), Was a Friend (arr. Michel Delville), O Caroline (arr. Dave Sinclair), Maryan (arr. Cristiano Calcagnile), Dondestan (arr. Gilad Atzmon), Forest (arr. Annie Whitehead).

Somebody will record this I hope?!


Tom Cora said...

There was an encore:

"Soup Songs" - sung by
Annie Whitehead
Dagmar Krause
Richard Sinclair
Alex Maguire
Michel Delville
Gilad Atzmon

Svenn said...

Thanks. I also heard that the set list was a bit different.

h-a-b said...

They played a single long set: Pataphysical Introduction, September The Ninth, Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road, Just As You Are, Calyx, Memories, Alifib, Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road (introduced by John Edwards' double bass solo), Michel Delville guitar solo and Alex Maguire piano solo leading to God Song, Maryan, Alliance, Sea Song, Gilad Atzmon's saxophone solo / duo with Cristiano Calcagnile leading to Dondestan, O Caroline, Forest. The encore was Soup Song.

alessandro said...

As far as I remember, the "Michel Delville guitar solo" was actually a Delville-Calcagnile duet, with Calcagnile playing not his usual percussion but electronics, while in his second duet of the night (with Atzmon) he played snare drum only.

prospettive musicali said...

Three concerts of a partially renewed Comicoperando have been announced for next Spring:

Dagmar Krause - lead vocals
Annie Whitehead - trombone and backing vocals
Karen Mantler - lead vocals, hammond b3 and harmonica
Michel Delville - guitars and backing vocals
John Edwards - double bass
Chris Cutler - drums

May 18th: Zürich, Rote Fabrik
May 19th: Amsterdam, Bimhuis
May 22nd: Victoriaville, Fimav

Still available: May 10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17, 2011



Svenn said...

Great! Thanks.