Sunday, August 8, 2010

Penpals forever (and ever)

Let the autumn begin, here is some more dark and droning ambient from Erik
Skodvin´s Svarte Greiner, on the album "Penpals forever (and ever)" (Digitalis Indistries 2010). The first two tracks are remastered versions of music from the cassette "Penpals Forever" from 2008 (180 copies), the other three tracks are new ones.
To cite the record company, the music describes "the imaginary tale of a long dead Baroque painter and his telekinetic correspondence with a flightless bird". Scary and brilliant!
Svarte Greiner will come flying to the Bergen Ekko festivalen in October.

The new album was released on vinyl (450 copies), but is also available on CD from among others Boomkat and Digitalis (where you may listen to the album too). I got my vinyl copy from Oslo´s Tiger, and it seems like they still have some for sale.

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