Thursday, September 16, 2010

Botanical free jazz

Frode Gjerstad (altosax & clarinets), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello & electronics) and Michael Zerang (percussion) played at the Sugar Maple in Milwaukee last year, and recently FMR Records did release the album "Sugar Maple".
This is free jazz for most of you I think, being pretty quiet for long periods, and with Lonberg-Holm spicing the mix with electronics. Not that I´m an expert, but this must be very well played too? Agree?

Me being an old botanist (hey, I´m not kidding), really like their use of the botanical kingdom in naming the tracks.  Acer Saccharum (latin for Sugar Maple) is the title track, and the tree even spread it´s seeds in "Double Samara". The first track is  a flower cluster "Corymbs" and in the end we meet the real flowering plants in "Angio Sperms".

I bet this was interesting for you all! My knowledge is more than a bit rusty (almost 30 years after my final exam), but I don´t think I can dish out an A here. Angiosperms in one word, and the species name starting with a small letter, please (Acer saccharum)!  OK then, a B, since the music is great!

(I´ll be expecting some teacher´s comment myself here, if I´m wrong!)

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