Friday, September 3, 2010

PUNKT 2010 - Day one

The PUNKT 2010 festival started in Kristiansand Thursday, with concerts and live remixes, and later we may even attend seminars (this is serious stuff).
I attended my first concert ever with Frøy Aagre (sax),  and Andreas Ulvo (p) and Freddy Wike (dr), who did a great concert (jazz with melodies folks, I needed that!), later remixed by Splashgirl (picture). And note to myself: check out Frøy Aagre´s album too.

Rockettothesky did music from an album soon to come, but also some tunes fro the beautiful "Medea" album (2008). Jenny Hval has a fantastic voice, and things are not getting worse at all by having Susanna Wallumrød on stage too. The boys in the band were Håvard Volden (g) and Kyrre Laastad (dr). This concert was remixed by Terje Evensen.

Doing live remixing is a great idea (even if you have to run up and down stairs all evening to catch it), but I wonder why I could not recognize more of the material remixed? My ears, or is that the point? And damn it, PUNKT did spend lots of money on dry ice!

Not too good pictures (I´m afraid) will end up in a set on Flickr.

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