Friday, September 24, 2010

The Terror Of Cosmic Loneliness

First of all, a confession: I only know the Welsh musician Gruff Rhys from one concert (in Bergen a couple of years ago, nice one), his solo album "Candylion" (2007) (nice one too), and I know he is in Super Furry Animals. The Brazilian TV and VCR repair man (!) Tony Da Gatorra was new to me, until I got Tony Da Gatorra vs Gruff Rhys: "The terror of cosmic loneliness" (Turnstile Music 2010).

Now something that may be a recommendation: I´m not surprised at all that Da Gatorra is some kind of a repair man! He plays the "Gatorra", said to be part drum machine part guitar! The music is some kind of noisy psychedelic rock (according to the BBC it may be caused by intake of certain substances unknown to me), with song lyrics in Portugese (I guess) and English. You won´t be humming to this music, but I have to admit it´s quite fun, and on a good day you may get into some kind of trance and then wake up totally worn out.
If you want to check out this album now, I guess it´s not my fault, but anyway, check them out on YouTube too.

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