Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Too much music, not enough time

A bunch of albums I´m listening to these days. Check them out.

- Joey Baron, Bruno Chevillon, Elliot Sharp, Franck Vigroux: "Venice, Dal Vivo" (D-Autres Cordes, 2010). Hot and noisy improvised music, recorded live in Italy. One track dedicated to Mitch Mitchell who died the day the recording was made. A rough and tough album!
- Jon Irabagon: Foxy (Hot Cup 2010). If you dig high energy jazz, this is one for you! This is running on full speed from the word go! Nice titles too, like  "Foxy", "Proxy", "Chicken Poxy", "Unorthodoxy", and the cover is a bit tacky, or what?  Find the Sonny Rollins album they are pointing towards (no prizes given).
- Lawnmower: "West" (Clean Feed 2010). Drums, two guitars and saxophone. Rock and jazz, or jazz and rock, and pretty nice tunes too!
- Urs Leimgruber/Evan Parker: "Twine"(Clean Feed 2010). Two saxophones plying and fighting on three long tracks. I can´t take all of it in one go, but still, a nice one!
- BJ Nilsen & Stillupsteypa: "Drykkjuvisur" (Helen Scarsdale 2006). A few years old this one, but I list it to remember to look for more albums by BJ Nilsen. This is dark and quite heavy stuff, even if "Drykkjuvisur" is "Drinking songs". Music for quite heavy drinking this, I´m afraid, and probably best enjoyed when you stay off the booze.
- Optical Substance: "Adaptation" (2010). Optical Substance is Kjetil Husebø´s project. Nice electronica/ambient in a landscape where you probably could meet Arve Henriksen and Nils Petter Molvær too.  

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Grey Ghost said...

Add"too many books"and thats me.
Anyway,my latest CD is"The Moments Energy".Evan Parkers Electro-Acoustic Ensemble.A twelve piece session that so far only I like.But all the people I know have bad taste in music.