Thursday, February 17, 2011

En Form For Blå

I just have to post this one, the day after I had a post on "Kind of blue"!
I don´t think I have heard about Æthenor before, but the band members come from bands like Ulver and sunn o))): Stephen O´Malley, Daniel O´Sullivan, Kristoffer Rygg and Steve Noble.
They recently released "En form for blå" (meaning "A Kind of Blue" in Norwegian) (VHF 2011), and it´s dark and heavy stuff, and pretty hard to place in a category or genre. Check over at  The Liminal, where they name drop Supersilent too.
So you have got to listen for yourselves, and see if you might believe that "En form for blå" will be the new "Kind of blue"?

Download from emusic.

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