Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sigbjørn Apeland: "Glossolalia"

Yesterday I attended the release concert for Sigbjørn Apeland´s harmonium solo album "Glossolalia" (Hubro 2011) in Bergen. Both during the live event and on the album, Apeland is improvising and making what he calls acoustic ambient. Noise from different parts of the instrument (like pedals and swells) blends in a beautiful way with the  sacral music.
Some people call this old church instrument "psalm bike", but you may call it what you like, the music is fantastic.

And don´t you forget "1982" (NORCD 2009), on which Sigbjørn Apeland plays harmonium together with Knut Økland (fiddle) and Øyvind Skarbø (drums).

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