Monday, February 28, 2011

The Laugharne Weekend 2011 (and some more)

The Laugharne Weekend festival in  Wales is happening 15 - 17 April. Robert Wyatt is supposed to "speak" in some way or other, his second speaking session this year including Off the Page in February.

There is a Robert Wyatt track on the CD stuck to the cover of the april issue of Mojo.

The Unthanks are interviewed in the The Guardian 27 February, as always with some nice words about Robert Wyatt.

In the Portugese paper Expresso Actual (26 February 2011), they mention John Martyn and Robert Wyatt in a James Blake review.  "E, pela temática, pelo dispositivo cénico e pela expressão final (que não pelo talento), a analogia podia estender-se ao John Martyn de “One World” e ao Robert Wyatt de “Old Rottenhat”".

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