Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Svarte Greiner - Le Corbeau

OK, I know, streaming is the big thing, and you hardly buy records any more. That´s OK, just you be cool. How about this one then: A very good split 12" with (one of this blog´s favorites)  Svarte Greiner  (Erik Skodvin) and Le Corbeau (new to me) (Fysisk Format 2010)?

Svarte Greiner do some dark and dirty ambient (again!) on "Drunk", "Road" og "Tree" (a Twitter short story of titles) and Le Corbeau play some kind of surfpsychobilly, but please note, they also do  "She´s a mystery to me" by Roy Orbison.
You may (and should) try to get it from Tiger.

The sticker that was attached to the cover tells it all: "No stream, no CD, no mp3, no fun"!

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