Sunday, February 13, 2011

Can´t Get My Motor To Start

Thursday evening I saw  the duo Donkey Monkey at Bergen Jazzforum.  Eve Reiser (piano, prepared piano, voice) and Yuko Oshima (dr, sampler, voice) played a strange but nice mix of contemporary classical, free jazz and rock & roll (true!), and the audience loved it. They played music from their "newborn" album "Hanakana"(Umlaut 2011).

Donkey Monkey did a version of Carla Bley´s "Can´t get my motor to start", taken from the album "Nick Mason´s fictitious sports", on which  Robert Wyatt is singing on most of the tracks (but not on the motor song). In my opinion this is a great album, and I hereby include it in my famous  The classic series!
I mentioned the album in a previous post called "Robert Wyatt: The next step", but now it´s up to you to find it yourselves. Pink Floyd fans will love "Hot River", and everyone will boo to "Boo to you too!"

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