Sunday, January 15, 2012

All Ears 2012 over

Oslo´s improv festival All Ears 2012 is over.
Three nights with four to five concerts each, and one afternoon concert, organized in a very relaxed but professional way (as usual!)
I was still in Bergen Thursday night, but Friday turned out to be great. Let me mention three out of four concerts:
Barry Guy did an absolutely stunning solo concert, playing his own compositions, a Charlie Mingus tune and 100% improvised stuff (if such a thing exists).
Antoine Chessex (sax) and Okkyung Lee (cello) did a wonderful set and Rolf Erik Nystrøm (sax), Kjetil Gutvik (g) and Steve Noble (dr) ended the evening with an energetic show. Nystrøm even played the baryton lying down on the floor.
Organizer Lasse Marhaug told us that the musicians had been eating the traditional Norwegian dish "gammelost" ("old cheese") backstage, and this just might explain Nystrøm´s behavior.

For me Saturday evening was a long evening´s journey into Evan Parker (sax), Barry Guy (bass) and Paul Lytton (dr), who got on stage after midnight and played a great concert. A few of the audience had already left, but those still present were impressed! All of them!

The first picture has got nothing to do with the festival (i think!), but the second is of Barry Guy
It was quite dark during several of the concerts, but I just might find a couple of (close to) focused pictures in a couple of days, and will add a Flickr link here.

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