Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birds live!

All this talk about e-books! Forget it, in this house they run on batteries!
This post was intended for my Norwegian readers only, over at Wyatting, since the book on birds I got for Christmas is in Norwegian. If someone here is interested it´s by Jan Pedersen and Lars Svensson and is called "Fuglesang. 150 norske fugler - beskrivelser og lyder" (Faktum 2011).

The special thing about it is that it has got a sound player that run on batteries, and you may listen to the sounds of the bird that you are reading about. Old school for sure, but the sounds are in fact quite good, and you are warned to use the player to attract birds, stressing them!
Since I don´t have a cat any longer, birds of all sizes are welcome to my garden. I´m ready to listen!

Of course, I managed to make a Robert Wyatt connection in my post on birds, that´s why you get this one too! I have hardly mentioned the fantastic film on birds by Jacques Perrin (2001), called "Le Peuple Migrateur", or "Migrating Birds".
The soundtrack is made by Bruno Coulais, and Robert Wyatt is singing on three tracks (and Nick Cave on one).
When the film was screened in Bergen in 2001 or 2002, I think we were four people present, three bird watchers and one Robert Wyatt fan.

Let me just recommend both the film and the music!

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