Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Vegetarians

The Vegetarians? Heard about them today! According to CDBaby this is a Swedish - American band with Hans Annellsson, Marc Mollan and John M Gibbs, and they seem to have released at least four albums and a couple of EPs.

The new album "The Calling" (Annelssongs 2011) got me hooked, with cover songs of YES, Genesis, Adrian Belew, Kevin Ayers ("Song from the bottom of a well", "Super salesman", "(An even stranger) Stranger in blue suede shoes"), Bob Dylan, Amiee Mann, Peter Hammill, Chicago, Can and Matching Mole (Robert Wyatt, "Oh Caroline").

Judging by the other records by these artists, they really seem to like doing covers.


Marc Mollan said...

Hi Robert- Marc Mollan from The Vegetarians here to invite you to check out our first release of all original material entitled 'Meat The Vegetarians'. I believe you will find it to your liking ;) thanks for listening!

Svenn said...

Will do! Thanks for visiting.