Monday, January 23, 2012

Personal Best #1

Musician, noise maker, record company manager, publisher and festival organizer Lasse Marhaug has made a fanzine called "Personal Best #1. Noise, music and beyond" (Marhaug Forlag 2011).
Sindre Bjerga, Bruce Russell (by Thor-Eirik Johnsen), Chulki Hong, Tommi Keränen, John Wiese, Svein Egil Hatlevik, Ryosuke Kiyasu (by Shane Bowden), Ronnie Sundin, Oren Ambarchi, Daniel Menche, Pentti Dassum, Vivian Wang and C. Spencer Yeh are all interviewed by Marhaug, except where other names are given

This fanzine (well, it´s more like a regular magazine than an old fashioned, messy fanzine) is of course a must for the ones among you hung up on the noise scenes of Korea, Singapore and Finland, but great fun for the rest of us too. I only knew 3-4 artists before reading, but enjoyed reading about the new ones (for me) just as much. The interviews all start bang on, no background info given, and several of them are not about the artists´own music (Ronnie Sundin draws). Oren Ambarchi is mainly talking about AC/DC, C. Spencer Yeh about movies and the opening question for Daniel Menche is "How many times have you broken bones in your body?".

For sale at Oslo´s Tiger.

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