Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Working Week were formed in 1983, and in 1984 they released the EP "Venceremos (We Will Win)" (Paladin/Virgin), with Robert Wyatt guesting. The song is a tribute to Victor Jara.
And it´s a great song, isn´t it? I might just start a new round with The Classic!

This version, with Robert Wyatt singing, did not make it to the first Working Week album, but hey, at least it got a video!

Musicians on the record are (cut and pasted from here):

- Robert Wyatt - vocal
- Simon Booth - guitars
- Larry Stabbins - soprano sax,
tenor sax, flute
- Harry Beckett - trumpet,
- Annie Whitehead - trombone
- Stuart Matthewman - tenor
- Dave Bitelli - clarinet,
baritone sax
- Chuchow Mercham - double
- Kim Burton - piano
- Mark Taylor - drums
- Dawson - percussion
- Bosco D'Oliveira - percussion
- Tracey Thorn - vocal
- Claudia Figueroa - vocal

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