Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How jazz secretly invaded pop music

Why don´t you read "How jazz secretly invaded pop music" in The Independent today (11 April 2012).

The main focus in the piece is Radiohead, but I steal the part on Robert Wyatt, with comments from Get The Blessing´s Jim Barr and Peter Judge:

" ....and Get The Blessing’s OC DC use jazz technique to push moving pop melodies. The latter album includes a vocal cameo from Robert Wyatt, who has been here before. “He embodies all the things we’ve been talking about,” says Barr. “He does jazz but makes it sound like pop, and vice versa.”

“People have been doing what we’re trying to do for the last 40 years,” says Get The Blessing’s trumpeter Pete Judge. “It just suddenly makes sense in terms of pop, in different ways than it did in the 1960s when Robert Wyatt was doing it with Soft Machine, when it was left-field. Now, because Radiohead can make big-selling albums that are incredibly weird, there’s an evolution. The dots start to get joined up.”"

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