Sunday, April 29, 2012

Smugglers Way

Vinyl might not be so hip any more, because here come the flexi discs! Nice!??
Domino Records released the flexi disc fanzine "Smugglers Way" for Record Store Day (21 April).

Some of us got hold of it (there are probably still a few left), and are now owners of five very soft records in bright colours, and a fanzine, with the story "Wee Stevie Baxter" by James Yorkston, being my favorite. I had a post on Yorkston´s book "It´s lovely to be here" last year.
Among the records, I choose Cass McComb´s cover of Leonard Cohen´s "Teachers".

The records:
Dirty Projectors – "You Against The Larger World"
Real Estate – "In My Car"
Cass McCombs – "Teachers" (Leonard Cohen)
John Maus – "No Title (Molly)"
Villagers – "Shards"

More info, pictures and sounds over here.

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