Saturday, April 9, 2011

James Yorkston

I don't remember where or by who, but somebody must have recommended the Scottish folk singer James Yorkston´s book "It´s lovely to be here. The touring diaries of a Scottish gent" (Domino 2011). At least I bought it. The title is descriptive, since this is a diary written by a touring musician. The book is full of dry wit, and I would guess, straight to the point, peppered with pretty lousy black & white photos of hotel backyards.Glorious? I think not!

Yorkston tells it all, giving us stories about being support act, hunting for vegan food, driving far too long to the next concert, suffering fear of flying (I can relate to that!), drinking good and bad whisk(e)y, meeting local organizers and enjoying (?) after show bar visits.  I liked the repeating stories (especially the bar visits) and the short prose, giving the reader a kind of touring feeling.
Yorkston visited a freezing cold Oslo too, but seems to have only good memories from the Norwegian capital. He even seems amused that we may buy adult-sized romper suits!? Don´t you all wear them?
This is a great read! I might even  check James Yorkston´s music!

"I go backstage and read some Chekov - who's incredibly easy to read and not high brow at all - he´s almost the Cilla Black of Russsian literature - no, that´s way off the mark - the Dusty Springfield - Billie Holiday, even".

Cover illustrations by Clare Beaton.

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