Monday, April 25, 2011

Late Easter Festival

the NOW now 2010 - ZEIT KUNST 6 from Sam James on Vimeo.

Fred Frith and Ryan Gregory Tallman @ The Kitsch Gallery, SF, 03.09.11 from Ryan Gregory Tallman on Vimeo.

I don´t know how things are at your place, but here in Norway we are still celebrating Easter! But since it´s the last day today, let´s have a mini festival.

The Silencers with Benoit Delbecq, Kim Myhr, Nils Ostendorf and Toma Gouband are opening the festival. Here they seem to be playing with dried grasses, but in Bergen they used fresh rhododendron.  You will find more from this March 2011 performance on YouTube if you want to.

Kim Myhr is at it again in the video with  Michel Doneda, Mathias Muche, Clayton Thomas, Sven Hahne and Clare Cooper, recorded in 2010.  I heard some of the same people play in Bergen.

Let´s hear it for Fred Frith live and alone, recorded in France (?) a couple of days ago (part two here), and with Ryan Gregory Tallmann on theremin, from San Fransisco (March 2011).

Mostly Other People Do The Killing are the last ones out, with a new video. I´m looking forward to hear these guys at Moldejazz this summer!

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