Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Maverick eccentrics

Since Antony Hegarty and Robert Wyatt are called "maverick eccentrics" by Irish Independent, we celebrate with a new Antony video ("Swanlights"), and some "Wyatt links". Maverick eccentrics or fine vocalists? I know what I will call them.
(The video might bee seen on Antony´s site, if removed from YouTube).

- Mr. E recommended "Mr and Mrs song"! The Guardian 7 April 2011.

- The Unthanks. It's afamily affair.Galway Advertiser 7 April 2011.

- Nile Rodgers. Your music is your soul. The Guardian 8 April 2011.

- Unthank you for the music. Irish Independent April 9 2011.

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