Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A forced (?) collection of Wyatt links

Pitchfork March 16th: Moondog reminds Daniel Smith from Danielson of Robert Wyatt (and Smith is a huge Wyatt fan!).
CMU March 25th: Robert Wyatt is one of Mira from Ladytron´s favourite musicians.
Financial Times April 1: "Jazz from another planet". Wyatt describes Afrobeat to Eno. Cited in a piece on Seun Kuti.
Liverpool Echo April 1: Adrian McNally from The Unthanks admires Robert Wyatt.
The Guardian April 5th : Ric Phethean, the singer of Tall Ships, has Canterbury qualities, even if he doesn´t sing as high as Robert Wyatt or as deep as Kevin Ayers! So they claim!

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