Saturday, April 2, 2011

Huntsville live and on record

I have tried to say something smart about Huntsville once before in the blog, and failed. This time, I will not try.
They played at Bergen Jazz Forum earlier this week, being a bit monotonous and repeating themselves, but I´ll be damned if they did not get to us still, with their suggestive music. Live I really enjoyed drummer  Ingar Zach´s whisking, being the engine of this fragile train, running along with Ivar Grydeland (guitar) and Tonny Kluften (bass).

Check out their new album "For flowers, cars and merry wars" on Hubro (2011). Sidsel Endresen sang on one track on "Eco, arches & era" (Rune 2008), here Hanne Hukkelberg is singing on (a small part of)  the almost nineteen minute long title track.
But what is this? The working class only get twenty six seconds on "For the working class"! How ungrateful is that?

And what a beauty the limited edition white vinyl and CD is!

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