Saturday, April 14, 2012

Robert Wyatt at Cafe Oto

Some lucky people attended "The Wire Salon: An audience with Robert Wyatt" at Cafe Oto in London on Thursday (12 April 2012).

Stealing from Cafe Oto´s site: "For April’s edition of The Wire Salon, the great singer-songwriter and National Living Treasure will take to the Cafe Oto stage for a second discussion, but this time he will be playing back and talking about selected tracks from his own back catalogue, a unique body of work that includes the first wave English psychedelia of Soft Machine, and a series of solo recordings which combine radical political sentiments with an aesthetic sensibility informed by Vaudeville, 60s pop, modern jazz, Cuban music and more".

Twitter reports are all very positive (no surprise!), and The Wire tweeted that they had recorded the talk (only sound?). Will of course be posted here when available!

Fabio Lugaro and Cafe Oto both published nice photos on Flickr.

On questions about the meaning of his songs, Robert Wyatt answered (according to @paulbarnett1 on Twitter): " songs have meaning in the same way that cat's eyes have meaning to a drunk driver".


Matt Gothill said...

Audio of the event is available at

Svenn said...

Great. Listening now, and adding a new post.