Friday, April 27, 2012

New album from Cosa Brava

I have mentioned Cosa Brava several times in this blog, and still love their previous album "Ragged Atlas" (Intakt 2010)!
Now they are back with a new album called "The Letter" on the same record company, and check it out, it´s almost as great as "Ragged Atlas"

They may not like it, but this is a bit prog, is´nt it? Since prog seems to be hip again, let´s hope for more listeners for this bunch of fine musicians too. Anyway, don´t let this prog talk scare you. We are not talking massive rock here, but in fact good melodies and still a touch of Henry Cow and Art Bears. Disagree? Just tell!
Watch the videos, and then start buying the music.

Musicians on "The Letter":

Fred Frith guitar, bass, voice
Carla Kihlstedt violin, bass harmonica, voice
Zeena Parkins accordion, keyboards, foley objects, voice
Shahzad Ismaily bass, voice
Matthias Bossi drums, percussion, mayhem, voice
The Norman Conquest sound manipulation

Special guests: Michael Elrod tambura
William Winant concert bass drum, crotales

Cosa Brava are touring Europe in May, and they even visit Norway to play at the Mai:jazz festival in Stavanger (described as "experimental rock- and imrovisation band fronted by Fred Frith" in the programme). Wish I could be there!

Dieselstraße, ESSLINGEN, Germany
more information ...
Mai:Jazz, STAVANGER, Norway
more information ...
Made Festival, UMEÅ, Sweden
more information ...
Stadtgarten, KÖLN, Germany
more information ...
Tafelhalle, NÜRNBERG, Germany
more information ...
Generalmusikdirektion, GRAZ, Austria
more information ...
Turnhalle im PROGR, BERN, Switzerland
more information ...
Moods, ZÜRICH, Switzerland
more information ...
Treibhaus, INNSBRUCK, Austria
more information ...
Festival Angelica, Teatro San Leonardo, BOLOGNA, Italy
more information ...
Le Bikini, TOULOUSE, France
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gidouille said...

I've never liked the term prog, and it isn't a word I would use to describe any music I did like. It's better left to what Daevid Allen once described as the "white clothes crowd". I attended the concert linked above, and it was superb. I don't hear much Henry Cow or Art Bears in Cosa Brava. It seems very much a distillation of Gravity/Speechless style compositions with Skeleton Crew's song orientation, and informed by all of Frith's subsequent work. Had Skeleton Crew continued, I believe the intention was to add Charles Hayward, which would have made for a group much like Cosa Brava. I've yet to hear The Letter, but they played most of it that evening, and Chris Cutler's description on the ReR site is most intriguing. Cosa Brava is inventive and spirited er, electric beat music aka rock. No dodgy additional modifiers need apply.

Svenn said...

Thanks for your comment! My main point was anyway (as usual): Check out this band!