Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kevin Ayers: The Harvest Years 1969 - 1974

It´s not that long ago, is it? Since we had the previous Kevin Ayers CD box? In 2008 EMI released four CDs in "Songs for insane times. An anthology 1969 -1980".

EMI is at it again now, with "The Harvest Years 1969 - 1974". Here we get five original albums with bonus material, on five CDs: "Joy of a toy" (1969), "Shooting at the moon" (1970), "Whatevershebringwesing" (1972), "Bananamour" (1973) and "The confession of Dr. Dream and other stories" (1974, originally on Island, not Harvest).

I have to confess that I have not bought everything by Kevin Ayers (like in 100%), but it seems like the original material here is from the remastered editions released in 2003, and the bonus material is from BBC recordings, previously released on albums like "Singing the bruise" (Strange Fruit 1997). And no info is given on who is playing, or where the bonus material has been released (or not been released) earlier.
Kevin Ayers fanatics, please enlighten us!

Not to good on the information side perhaps, but the box is so cheap it´s almost embarrassing, and the music is just, eh, necessary!

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