Friday, May 31, 2013


Wednesday evening I enjoyed a concert by B/B/S/ in the Bergen International Festival´s series "Between the Sound" (go a few posts back for Deathprod in the same series).

B/B/S/ a Berlin based trio with Aidan Baker (g), Andrea Belfi (dr, perc, electronics) and Erik K. Skodvin (g), and according to local Bergen newspaper Bergens Tidende (28 May), Skodvin claims that they mostly do drones, psychedelia, shoegaze, noise, ambient, doom-metal, free jazz and electronic music, and I guess that is describing the concert too!
Superfine, dark music in the summer heat.

Regular readers of the blog will of course recognize Skodvin as Svarte Greiner, a project leaning more towards dark ambient, than B/B/S/.
Please check out the B/B/S/ album "Brick Mask" (Miasmah 2013).

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